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We Bring Hebrew School To you!

Finding the right Jewish education for your child can be difficult.  Today's kids are busier than ever with sports teams, dance, art and music classes, homework and so much more.  It’s challenging to find a synagogue with a school schedule that works for you.  Parents are busy too.  Who can drive to and from Hebrew School on weekday afternoons?  Not many of us!  Simcha Services brings Hebrew School to you.  The choice is yours, in-home one-on-one tutoringvirtual classes, small group classes at your home or in a location that’s convenient for you.  You choose the day and the time, we make it happen. 


This is a title.

Jewish Learning


Today's families are busy   We've heard how difficult it is to fit a traditional Hebrew School program into your family's schedule.  Our answer...we bring Hebrew School to you  on the day and at the time that works for your schedule!  

Today's students expect a quality education program that is tailored to their learning needs and styles.  Our teacher, Rabbi Rudin, holds degrees in Elementary Education and Jewish Education with additional training in Special Education.  Our curriculum is designed to be flexible.  We believe in teaching students the way that they learn, at a time, and in a location that works for you!

Your Learning, Your Way

We encourage all members of our community to embrace their Judaism in their own way. Everyone's learning experience should provide personalized insights and a unique journey into your Jewish identity



Chart your own journey through Jewish texts, Hebrew language, Israel, prayer or spirituality.

Heart & Hands


Embrace your unique Jewish journey.



Explore how connecting to your Judaism can strengthen family, community and personal relationships.



Commit to what works for you, nothing more, nothing less.  Your Judaism can and should enhance your life.

Big Tree


Push your boundaries, try new ways of living, learning and celebrating Jewishly. 



Your Jewish journey isn't a straight. Let your Jewish living, learning and celebrating evolve.  We're here to help!

Meet the Team

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