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Your Judaism.
Your Way.


We've heard that so often Jewish living, learning and celebrating is dictated by formal Jewish communities and Jewish professionals. While this works for some people, many others want to live their Judaism their way.  Like any part of our lives, we all have goals and dreams for our Judaism.  We are here to guide you, to mentor you, to engage in learning with you and to supporting your Jewish journey. Simcha Services supports you in acheiving your goals and fulfilling your dreams for your Judaism.


Whether you are searching for community and connection, looking for a place to join with others in Shabbat and holiday prayer, or seeking opportunities to study on your own, with your family or with a community of learners, we're here for you.

This is your community.  You make your own decisions about your religious observance, about the way you choose to engage, or not engage, in prayer, how often you participate and in what way.  We're here to welcome you without judgement, without pressure, without a set agenda.  This is your Judaism your way.

At Simcha Services there are no membership fees.  No committees.  No restrictions on who can participate or in what way.  We put the power of Judaism in your hands.  We're here to guide, to offer ideas, to make your dream of how you want to live Jewishly come true!

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